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In January 2019, the Child and Youth Welfare Association (Arbeitsgemeinschaft für Kinder- und Jugendhilfe – AGJ) initiated the project "jugendgerecht.de – Arbeitsstelle Eigenständige Jugendpolitik" ("jugendgerecht.de – the Independent Youth Policy Office").

With this project, the AGJ is aiming to further embed the topic of an Independent Youth Policy within the structures of public and private youth welfare services and make it a focus of youth policy. As part of this, the AGJ is offering a forum for youth policy discourse that is open for collaborative ventures with other social and political sectors.

The office provides information on the Independent Youth Policy, makes current developments transparent and promotes discussions on youth policy. It disseminates and further develops the basic principles, action strategies, missions and content of an Independent Youth Policy in order to reinforce the political significance of the youth phase of life and strengthen the political and social engagement for this.

Thanks to their affiliation to the field of "Youth, Education, Youth Policy" and the associated AGJ panel of experts, the providers of the public and private youth welfare services are strategically integrated within the functional design and substantive discussion of the continued development of the Independent Youth Policy.

The Independent Youth Policy Office is located in the Berlin bureau of the AGJ, has a project duration of four years, and comprises a team of three.


We provide information

... on the content and themes of the Independent Youth Policy, which places the interests and needs of young people at the centre of social and political actions and defines youth as an independent and important phase of life.
jugendgerecht.de provides the youth policy discourse with a digital platform for current and fundamental considerations for the Independent Youth Policy. Our website is both a repository of current outcomes and a pool of new knowledge, making the entire spectrum of the discourse transparent.

We reflect
... on the implementation of an Independent Youth Policy in the federal states, municipalities and Federal Government. jugendgerecht.de also provides a space for contributing to critical discussions on the Independent Youth Policy, and thus a place where the understanding of an Independent Youth Policy can be expanded and reflected upon. A regular online magazine keeps all interested parties up to date.

We develop
… the Independent Youth Policy further. The work of the office is based on the existing basic principles, guidelines and objectives of the Independent Youth Policy and involves developing this approach further in close collaboration with experts in youth welfare services, youth policy and academia. The Independent Youth Policy will be addressed across its range of practical fields.

We network
... bringing actors together and look to collaborate with the providers and structures of private and public youth welfare services. The influences from other states, as well as the youth policy collaborative ventures within the European Union, will be refined for the national German discourse.

We welcome
... participation in dialogue events in order to collaborate with all stakeholders who have enriched the Independent Youth Policy in recent years with their theoretical and practical contributions. These will take into account the experiences of implementing an Independent Youth Policy on the various political levels of the municipalities, federal states and the Federal Government. The office organizes meetings and conferences allowing interested parties to come together for peer learning and the further development of the Independent Youth Policy in all its diverse applications, and to strengthen social engagement for the topic.

We advise
… youth policy stakeholders and interested parties. The "Arbeitsstelle Eigenständige Jugendpolitik" office is a service for the youth policy environment and is available to assist with discussion and advice, presentations and workshops. The office also offers participation in conferences and contributions to professional journals.

We recommend
... helpful tools for a youth appropriate society. One of the main digital services available from jugendgerecht.de is the toolkit "Doing youth justice", which compiles recommendations for practical implementation on the level of municipalities. The contents of the toolkit are extended and updated on a regular basis.

Recommended material

How can equity for youth succeed? What conditions are required? Which stake-holders need to be on board? How can outcomes be documented and processes optimised? What were the practical solutions implemented by sixteen reference municipalities and how can the other almost 11,000 municipalities in Germany learn from them, even though no municipality is like another? The success factors for equity for youth which we will present to you in this brochure are not an ex-haustive list and we make no claims to completeness. Rather, we aim to illustrate how successes can be achieved beyond lighthouse projects and best practice exam-ples when all stakeholders at a municipal level commit themselves to a single aim: to ensure equity for youth. Download: "Success factors for local youth strategies" (PDF)

Responsible Body & Sponsorship

"jugendgerecht.de – Arbeitsstelle Eigenständige Jugendpolitik" is a project run by the Child and Youth Welfare Association (Arbeitsgemeinschaft der Kinder- und Jugendhilfe - AGJ). The AGJ is the forum and network of federal associations, organizations and institutions of the private and public youth welfare services in Germany.

The project will run from January 2019 to December 2025 and build on the findings and results of the previous AGJ activities conducted as part of the "Zentrum Eigenständige Jugendpolitik" ("Centre for Independent Youth Policy" 2011-2014) and the "Koordinierungsstelle 'Handeln für eine jugendgerechte Gesellschaft' 2015-2018" ("Coordination Centre for 'Taking Action for a Youth Appropriate Society'").

jugendgerecht.de is a partner in the process of continuing an Independent Youth Policy within the framework of the Youth Strategy of the Federal Government.

The Federal Ministry for Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth finances the project.


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